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26 Prints

50 Pages

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This book is a Catalogue Raissoné of Leo’s prints that he completed largely at the famous print workshop, Atelier 17, in New York City in the 1940s and 1950s. The 26 prints are presented in chronological order with Leo’s own descriptions of the prints.

In addition, the exhibits and museums that included the prints are documented in the book.

26 Prints also features an article by Leo on how unique Atelier 17 was and what it was like when he was a director.


300 Pages

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Coincidences is Leo’s life story from birth to when he came in America in 1921. Magnificently written, Coincidences reflects a spell-binding story of Leo's childhood and World War I, and it shares a truly inspiring vision of a spiritual presence that guided his life.

The book not only describes his life as an artist during the turn of the century but also the political and social aspects of World War I from the eyes of an Austrian mounted soldier. Leo’s experiences and unique view as an artist help the reader visualize the conditions at the time. 

The publication of by the Leo Katz Foundation includes for the first time, not only Leo’s words, but his sketches and artwork from that time period. These images describe the people, surroundings, and evolution of art as well as Leo’s interests as a young artist in Czechoslovakia, Vienna, and throughout Europe. 

This book is for history readers as well as art enthusiasts.

Two Summers at Glacier Park

100+ Pages

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In 1928 and 1930, Leo was contracted by the Great Northern Railroad to paint landscapes and portraits at Glacier National Park.

This is a work in progress. More information coming soon.

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