22" x 20"
Edition of 50
1950/51 Atelier 17 Engraving and Soft Ground Etching (1951 Version is Surface Print)

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Atelier 17 ︎︎︎

"Ophiuchus is part of my Astro Mythological Psychological series which was based on my research on relationships between modern day surrealistic symbolism and art forms from mythology. I started with the first constellation Ophiuchus because he represents the oldest known subconscious symbol (man wrestling with the serpent dragon). This constellation is also known as serpenteris the serpent warrior. He reaches one leg into the milky way and other foot into the constellation of Scorpio.

We have to connect again our life consciousness with the powerful worlds within and without, worlds of which we are inextricably a part."

Leo Katz

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