Patzcuaro Nocturne

14" x 18"
Edition of 85
1943 Atelier 17 Engraving and Soft Ground Etching

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Atelier 17 ︎︎︎

"I spent the major part of whole summer in Patzcuaro in the state of Michoacan in Mexico. It used to be an enchanting place before the modern automobile road attracted tourists in large numbers. Every morning when the sun shone, I made landscape sketches. During the afternoon there was almost invariable cloud bursts at which time I stayed indoors to make the sketches of the Tarascan Indians. After the rain in the evening, people would put out their little pots and pans to sell coffee, corn, and enchiladas. I saw an older woman of an indian type when a young girl turned to the older woman with a cup in her hand. The simple movement of her rebozo in combination with the strange light effects and the simpe forms of the pots created almost a biblical atmosphere which I tried to capture in a sketch, and later in this lithograph. These are vendors of coffee and roast corn at nightfall on the Patzcuaro Muchoacan."

Leo Katz

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