Point Power

4" x 12"
Edition of 100
1954 Atelier 17 Aquatint and Engraving

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Atelier 17 ︎︎︎

"The overwhelming power of points as the smallest visual elements seems to suggest a parallelity with the powers discovered by nuclear physics. In my experiments with dimensional dynamics I had to give up all pre-Einstenian concepts of static space as an empty distance between solid objects. Instead of compositions based on balance, harmony, equilibrium and desire to fill empty space with form, a point is no longer a small shape to be balanced by other shapes. Rather it becomes a dynamic center of an energy with an energy field around it like a radial emanation or a vortex field. Filling up becomes unnecessary.

This plate belongs to a series of compositions (most of them paintings) dealing with my discoveries of dimensional dynamics."

Leo Katz

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