Tree in Glacier Park

12" x 11"
Edition of 50
1932 Lithograph Print

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"This lithograph was made from studies on the Rocky Mountain side not far from the "Glacier Hotel" in Glacier National Park in Montana. That particular tree was inspiring because it almost had the movement of a dancing figure. From the front it was hit by all the gales of that region since there was no protection in the front. In the back, big boulders were hitting it rolling down a steep mountain side. Yet the top of the tree was still green and so it looked to me like a symbol of life continuing in spite of menaces and vicissitudes from the front and from the back. I painted a canvas in oil of the same tree.

The studies of this print were made in 1930 during a summer in Glacier National Park. The lithograph was made in 1932."

Leo Katz

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